Club of Vamberk Lace

"A nation which allows its unique skills handed down from generation to generation to disappear, will lose its identity and disappear itself.”

Europe is uniting, borders are being eliminated, national currencies are disappearing and people are communicating in English. Those nations not able to maintain their historical and cultural traditions in this world will be swallowed up by the European multitude and will gradually disappear. This free association was founded so this would not happen to the Czech nation and is endeavouring to save one Czech identity – Vamberk Lace – for the generations to come.

This club of citizens and companies emerged for those who want to leave a valuable heritage for the next generations in the form of high quality handmade work and not mere plastic moulds or mass-produced worthless objects so that we can save and protect the cultural and historical roots of the Czech nation.

Club’s Objective

The objective is to see that Vamberk Lace is preserved as a unique identity of the Czech nation and continues to form a part of the official cultural presentation of the Czech Republic in the world.

How will we achieve this?

We will strive to

  • spread information about what Vamberk Lace is and its historical and cultural tradition
  • ensure that the use of Vamberk Lace becomes a part of the presentation and image of Czech companies and institutions
  • ensure that the lace is actively used in daily life
  • ensure that it gains new and active friends

Why Vamberk lace?

  • Even after many years it does not fall in price, but, on the contrary, gains in historical and artistic value
  • it is unique in the world having been preserved in its form only in the Czech Republic
  • it won a gold medal from the World Exhibition EXPO Brussels (1958) and Montreal (1967)
  • it is able to adapt to present trends and lifestyle
  • always be a part of the presentation of the Czech Republic in the world

Vamberk Lace, Czech national identity





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