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Welcome Vamberk Lace


We have an exclusive offer Valentine's specials!

20. 1. 2016

Valentine's Day, the feast of love and affection again after a year fast approaching! Delight your expensive jewelry and luxury satin nightie and buy at a discount of 17 % on our e-shop from the warmth of home.

Events in force on 1. 2. - 14. 2. 2016

Discount code: VALENTYN2016

Vamberk lace at the Christmas party Raiffeisenbank

15. 12. 2015

Vamberk lace was part of a diversification program of the Christmas party Raiffeisenbank in Žofín Palace in Prague. Not only the show, but also the presentation of the interior lace, jewelry and fashion accessories, as well as exposure Vamberk rainbow made the evening something special. Photos can be viewed here, video from the final parade of the show here.


                                    Pcs_107   Pcs_202

An evening full of fashion with luxury designer brand Bonheure


An evening full of fashion with luxury designer brand Bonheure was held on 11. 11. 2015 in the newly renovated premises of the Lower Vítkovice, specifically Compress Hall. Visitors expecting luxury fashion show of evening dresses, lingerie and jewelery for everyday wear. Between different parts of the show she performed soloist of the National Moravian Eva Zbrožková accompaniment. The whole evening was conducted Monika Žídková. 

Photos available here. Splicing fashion show can be seen here. Pleasant sight!

      Img_4930  Img_5028  Img_5052

We also create for foreign artists!


Do you also own idea of how it should look like your lace? To bobbin lace your personal suggestion? Write to us - we produce directly for you!!! Individual and personal approach, consultation with a professional lace makers Mrs. Lenkou Kroulíková!
Photo below are from our production for artists Than Ussein Clark, who lives in London. Currently he runs the opening of Futura Gallery in Prague, where the creation of lace part of the exhibition.

                                Image1-1-zmenseno  Image1-zmenseno 

                                      Image2-1-zmenseno   Image5-zmenseno

News from the studio Vamberk lace!

24. 9. 2015

In our e-shop shows a new luxury collection of underwear that many women succumb to its originality. This collection will appeal to you at first sight and then the touch. In short, for intimate moments of comfort! Visit our shop. If you have questions, please contact us at the email  , we will answer.


Trip Tip!

3. 6. 2015

You do not know where to go on a trip? We have a tip for you! Visit the studios and galleries of lace in Vamberk. We would like to introduce the production history of lace, with a tradition of lace in Vamberk and of course the current production and overall activity in the Vamberk lace. Try a bobbin and experience a remarkable experience. Do not hesitate to come and learn about traditional handmade lace production in the Czech Republic. The tour also includes a museum of lace. More info here.

            P1090128  P1090142

You are cordially invited to the fashion show!

26. 5. 2015

On Saturday, 27. 6. 2015 at 14:00 takes place FASHION SHOW Lace captured network festivities on the occasion of lace in Vamberk. The festival is held on the premises of Vamberecká lace CZ sro We look forward to your visit.

Exclusive offer golf trophies!

18. 5. 2015

Golf season just started and we will have an exclusive offer to reward the best! We making original golf and other sports trophies with the application manually bobbin lace. Our trophies are unique in the world thanks to the application of the law handmade lace Vamberk. They have high artistic value and are made of high quality materials enable various patterns. Each trophy is an original! Make your tournament highly prestigious event, which will be discussed! Do not hesitate to contact us and order a high-quality, unique, exceptional and exclusive trophies! If interested, please contact us at


The Luxury Collection dresses Bonheure

30. 4. 2015

Miss the luxury and elegance of your closet? Choose clothes from exclusive fashion collection Bonheure. The models are produced exclusively to order. All tests are conducted at your location that you choose. Do not hesitate to contact us! For more information visit our e-shop.

Now also shows models at special prices!

Img_3997  Img_8728  Img_8825

Welcome spring in the new skirt!

13. 4. 2015

Do not know what to take on new jewelery? What about a tulle skirt with organza. The possibility of multiple colors and lengths. Available here.

  Sukne-vamberk-1  Sukne-vamberk-6  Sukne-vamberk-3

We  wish  all  fans  BEAUTIFUL  Easter!

24. 3. 2015



Gift vouchers

18. 2. 2015

After the amount is credited to our account, you will receive a gift voucher with the discount code, which you use you or your loved ones in our e-shop or in a physical store in Vamberk (Žamberecká 380). Feel free to use this event. More information here.


                               Darkovy-poukaz-1-000-kc  Darkovy-poukaz-2-000-kc

Valentine event

1. 2. 2015

Take advantage of Valentine's Day event in our e-shop. When you purchase any product in the shape of a heart or a satin nighties get 10% discount. Offer is valid throughout the month of February.

   10603643_1513329982256680_8065928618502790408_n    Cervena1    10703836_1513244352265243_7565646221093373142_n

Christmas market

12. 12. 2014

Products are available for sale at the House of the White pelican on Maltese Square 9 / court wing / Prague every day from 11.00 to 19.00hod.






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